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Businesses can trademark™ their names to protect their reputations from being used by others. But, there are no trademark protections for the names of individuals. Therefore, anyone can decide to call himself Bruce Sabin. This legal loophole has resulted in a frenzy of Bruce Sabin's popping up all over the Internet. Here are some examples:

Dr. Bruce and Jennifer Sabin, Atlanta, GA ( — This guy went as far as getting a doctorate (although an MD) and marrying a Jennifer, just like the Bruce we all know. Shameless.

Dr. Albert Bruce Sabin, deceased — OK. Well, this guy decided to only use Bruce as a middle name. He, too, has an MD. We will give him props, however, for creating an oral polio vaccine. He even received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1986.

Bruce Sabin, St. Louis, MO — Chief Operating Officer of Gateway Energy Systems. This guy has a cool sounding title, but he's only got two master's degrees.

Bruce Sabin, Sr., FL — Technically, Bruce is a junior, so his dad had the name first.

We at the BSFC will keep an eye out for other Bruce Sabins as they appear. If you know of a Bruce Sabin and would like to report him, contact us at You may remain anonymous.



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